Психотерапия Гармония ПсихологиЯ

Директор центра «ГармониЯ» Ангелина Рождественская, психотерапевт, тренер.

Директор центра «ГармониЯ» Ангелина Рождественская, психотерапевт, тренер.

Добро пожаловать на сайт центра личностного роста «ГармониЯ» – Гармоничное«Я»! Жизнь в гармонии собой и своим миром.

Директор центра личностного роста «ГармониЯ» – Ангелина Рождественская, психотерапевт, тренер.






Тренинги Ангелины Рождественской.

Группа в Контакте










«Психологический портрет»: еженедельная терапевтическая группа.



Какое у вас выражение глаз, какие мимические складки у нас выражают ваши чувства, приоткрывают ваш внутренний мир? Заглянуть глубже в себя, рассмотреть лица других, научиться лучше и тонко понимать участников группы вы сможете на еженедельной терапевтической группе «Психологический портрет». Встречи полезны тем, кто решил разобраться в себе и понять, какие мимические маски носит, зачем, для чего и как избавляться от ненужного, жить счастливее.
Во время тренинга с Вами будут работать психотерапевт и фотограф. Фотообразы и перемены на лицо-до и после тренинга.

Ведущая: психотерапвет, гештальт-терапевт, психодраматист Ангелина Рождественская, психодраматист, психолог Ольга Таусинова.
Место проведения: Молодежный творческий бизнес-центр «Пилот», Аэровокзальная, 10.
Каждый четверг с 19:00 до 21:00.
Телефон для справок: 8-913-535-93-57.


О тренинге «Преображение» — 21 и 22 июня стартует обмен платьями и нарядами.
Приглашаем к участию всех желающих!

Тренинг «Преображение»: стартует обмен платьями и нарядами!

Fashion-тренинг «Преображение».

21-22 июня — стартует обмен платьями и нарядами!
Меняем гардероб. Вы приносите на тренинг несколько вещей и аксессуаров, которые вам не подходят и с помощью советов стилиста получите в подарок лучшие серьги или шарф!
Fashion-тренинг «Преображение» полезен тем, кто хочет лучше себя понимать, раскрыть свою чувствительность, измениться и изменить гардероб, узнать свой цветотип, научиться подбирать аксессуары к нарядам. Стилист обучит вас подбору гардероба по типу фигуры и вашему цветотипу. У каждого участника будет фото-портфолио с образами до и после тренинга!

Ведущие группы: психотерапевт, гештальт-терапевт Ангелина Рождественская, психодраматист, психолог Ольга Таусинова, стилист Анастасия Данилова.

Двухдневный fashion-тренинг «Преображение» пройдёт 21 и 22 июня с 10:00 до 18:00. У каждого участника будет фото-портфолио с образами до и после тренинга!
Подробности по тел. 8-913-535-93-57.




    • e-mail: angrog@mail.ru
    • тел.: 8-925-342-1994
    • Адрес: Большая Ордынка 18/2

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The Way to Run Wii Game Titles on Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin is a emulator of two gambling consoles from Nintendo: GameCube and also Wii. It helps personal computer gamers to relish the games with this console at total HD-quality (1080p) with several developments: harmonious with all PC controls, speed increase, network multiplayer and a whole lot more. To put it differently, you want to down load Wii ISOS file.

Make certain your computer system is strong enough to encourage the emulator. The recommended requirements for Dolphin can be that a dualcore chip with a capacity of 3 GHz or a video card which supports the latest versions of DirectX or OpenGL.

Recommended video cards come from ATI or NVIDIA. Embedded images cards (just like the Intel H D graphics card) aren’t encouraged. If you possess a reasonably strong chip, but also the integral graphics card, then you’re still able to get a decent speed of the emulator if you perform the settings (see underneath ). Even the 64bit chip using a 64 bit operating system is also suggested for usage, as they could send more memory into the method and create calculations much more quickly. If possible, make use of the Windows operating platform, as the emulator runs more quickly on DirectX than on OpenGL.

Inch. Install Home-brew on Wii.

Find an SD card or USB-flash drive of sufficient volume which would accommodate a Wii or even Gamecube disc . Wii disks possess a variety of 4.7GB, double Wii disks (for example, such as the match Super Smash Bros.. Brawl) possess a variety of 7.9GB, and discs on Gamecube — 1.4GB. Your apparatus needs to be ordered for FAT32 or NTFS.

2. Down-load CleanRip.

You will be needing this app to generate a duplicate of this Wii or even Gamecube, that you simply may play the Dolphin emulator. Extract the files out of your archive and copy the application folder to the SDcard or USB (memory )-stick.

3. Insert the SD card or USB Thumb Drive into the Wii console.

Start Home-brew Channel. Here is the best collection wii rom At RomsHub.com will see how the CleanRip program will undoubtedly be in the list of alternatives. Pick it and click»Launch».
After having a written disclaimer, the application will request you if you’d like to burn up the game disc in a USB flashdrive or an sdcard. Select the device that you wish to burn the game disc also. After that, suggest whether your device was formatted for FAT32 or NTFS. To keep on, press the A button.

4. After this app asks you to put in the records of Redump.org DAT, pick»No».

If you’d like, you’ll be able to down load thembut they are perhaps not required and will do the job only in case you experience an Internet relationship.

5. CleanRip will request that you add a Gamecube/Wii disk drive.

In the event you have not put it yet, do it. After adding the disc, press a button to continue.

6. Pick the desired dimensions.

When you drop the game disk, this program will split it to a few pieces. Select the quantity in 1GB, 2GB, 3GB or complete quantity. Please observe that you can choose the total volume only if your own SD card or USB flash drive is formatted to get NTFS, as FAT32 comes with a utmost filesize limitation of up to 4GB. Also, choose whether your disk is single-layered or even double-layered and whether you want the app to remind one of a fresh device every time that it completes processing a piece. The only known two-layer disk in the Wii could be the game Super Smash Bros.. Brawl.

7. Wait for the match to complete record.

After the match is recorded, press B to exit CleanRip and return to Homebrew Channel. Pull out the SD card USB Thumb Drive.

8. Add the SD card USB flash drive into your personal laptop.

Nowadays you need to gather all the bits of the disk together to create the full disc, which will soon be examine from the Dolphin emulator. If you immediately made the complete disc, then you may bypass this step. Copy all the pieces of the disk to the tough drive. Then open a command prompt (if you’ve got a Windows OS) or a final (in case you are a Mac or Linux person ). Use the disc for into where you replicated the pieces. Then follow these controls to connect all these pieces. Part*.iso. iso.

9. Download the Dolphin emulator. Run the emulator.

Proceed to Settings > Documents and then insert the folder at which the ISO file is located. Click»Update», right after which your ISO document should show up. Now you’re nearly prepared to playwith. It remains only to configure the Wii Remote.

1 1. Click on the Wiimote in the top corner of this screen.

The following you can configure the Wii Remote. If you wish to get a handle on games from the keyboard, choose»Emulated Wiimote» and click»Preferences» to opt for that secrets will be responsible for the keys on the Wii Remote. In the event you would like touse the Wii Remote to restrain the emulator, select»Real Wiimote». Afterward join your Wii distant to your own computer via blue tooth. From then on, choose»Connect». From then on, simply click Update. The display screen on the Wii Remote will reveal what sort of player you’re.

Start the match by simply clicking on it with a double click of the mouse. Now you are able to play! If your computer is not very good, you can try out altering the settings to disable any functions that load the chip and graphics card.

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8 Safe Sites for Downloading Windows Computer Software

Windows has tons of free applications, and naturally there are a number of internet sites where you are able to down load it. But the issue is that a lot of these freeware download web sites claiming are the best, bundle the applications using custom builders, ad ware and crapware (Download.com, FileHippo and Softonic are big culprits). Often the developers of the freeware do know that their software will be bundled together with all types of other activities.

Yet there are still a few websites which dont package crap ware with the actual software. This list are a number of safe software download sites where there isnt to bother with bloat and other awful stuff.

Inch. Filepuma

Not the biggest repository of software, but certainly one of the cleanest & most userfriendly in terms of not only foisting advertisements or dodgy installers on you, Filepuma is just a good alternative for the applications downloads. Its all the main stream stuff youd expect — out of Skype to Google Drive via Dropbox.

Theres plenty more unique software here too, which is all pretty simple to find using the categories set from the left-hand pane. The very popular applications in the many categories is listed on the main page, which is just about all theres to it. Minimal and elegant, with just a slight prejudice towards Glarysoft utilities, Filepuma is actually a nice simple option for your pc software downloads.

2. Software packfreewindows10download.com At our site

The hugely popular download site can make it into our list after moving through something of a turn around lately. We originally uttered Sourceforge since it was owned by Dice since 2012, and owing to the infamousDevShare app bundled its downloads with other applications you probably did not want.

SourceForge has been sold to BizX in 2016, and since then have not merely had a nice new look, but been systematically removing those dodgy installers.

In other words, SourceForge is back to being the wonderful site it was, if not far better.

3. Microsoft.com

If you are looking for any Windows software, while its security tools, Microsoft Office, or even an ISO for Windows 10 itself, then a official Microsoft site ought to function as the very first port of call. You wont just find all the application packages you desire but also optional updates and hotfixes including the .NET frame, motorist kits, and service packs to get matters like the Microsoft Flight Simulator games. Furthermore, in case you need to install older software like web browser (do not do it!) , you can. Naturally, you shouldnt expect to locate third-party applications on the state website. For that, you will need to research on.

4. Ninite

Ninite is one of the most useful free applications download websites that provides some popular software such as Chrome, VLC, Gimp, Foobar, and Spotify. While using Ninite there isnt to think about the bundled crapware, and best of all you can install all of the applications you would like with only a click or two. That you dont need to install each and every software individually; Ninite automatically downloads the latest version and installs it for you.


MajorGeeks is among the web sites that looks really old with its obsolete web designing, nonetheless it really is among the very trusted free software download web sites that does not package the actual applications in virtually any custom installers and wont fool you into downloading the crap ware. Though the website is maintained by only a few geeksthey actually test the applications involved for any ad ware or crapware before list it on the website.

6. Softpedi

Softpedia is one the most important and most common free software download websites where you can find just about any free and paid applications you want for many platforms. The good thing about Softpedia is you will always obtain the newest version of the software you desire. Moreover, Softpedia also supplies you with software reviews and actual screenshots for almost all the popular and most-used applications. If youve never used Softpedia, do give it a try.

7. DownloadCrew

DownloadCrew is one of the internet sites which has a cluttered user-interface at which it lists a ton of applications right on the site using small fonts and stuff. But while downloading from this site, its not necessary to think about the customized installer crapware. Moreover, youll find applications for several programs like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, along with iOS.

8. SnapFile

SnapFiles is still another freeware download site that doesnt package any crapware whatsoever. One of the best things about SnapFiles is its own different types where you can locate the very best 100 absolutely free software, latest user reviews, high user favorites, high mobile apps, etc.. The same as any other site with this list, you may easily look for or use different applications categories to rapidly locate your favorite applications.


Surely I may have overlooked a number of those other reputable applications download web sites where you can download applications without having to be concerned about the custom painters and other crap ware. After all is said and done, you need to be attentive when youre downloading and installing a software. More over, even the sites listed below arent perfect and might be susceptible to change as time continues. Being a tiny careful not hurts.

Do comment below sharing your own thoughts and adventures about using the aforementioned sites to down load free computer software. Also, share your favorite software download internet sites that are clear of crapware (other than the actual developer internet sites ).

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<a href=http://www.angelina-harmony.com/?attachment_id=133 rel=attachment wp-att-133><img class=alignright size-full wp-image-133 title=КЛУБ ПСИХОЛОГИЧЕСКИХ ВСТРЕЧ src=http://www.angelina-harmony.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/clubpsy.png alt= width=669 height=958></a> freewindows10download.com

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Помощь для всей семьи.

<div id=post-1598>
<h1>Помощь для всей семьи.</h1>

Центр личностного роста «ГармониЯ» – гармоничное «Я», оказывает комплексную психологическую помощь для всей семьи. Папы, мамы, дети, будущие родители обязательно найдут в центре необходимую помощь и поддержку.

Мы зарекомендовали себя как успешный центр, в котором постоянно работает кабинет психолога, психотерапевта, ведется набор терапевтический групп, обучающих групп, погружений, которые проводятся в разных аудиториях Красноярска. В течение месяца от 70 до 150 человек проходят обучение, личную терапию и коучинг у специалистов.
Директор центра, ведущая тренингов Ангелина Рождественская — опытный психотерапевт, гештальт-терапевт (2-я ступень, МИГИП, опыт терапии и супервизии бизнес-тренеров, психологов, психотерапевтов в рабочих тройках в течение 5-ти лет) и журналист, член Общероссийской профессиональной психотерапевтической лиги.


<div id=post-1604>
<h1>Отзывы клиентов о тренинге-погружении «Эффективные продажи»</h1>

Познакомьтесь с отзывами клиентов о тренинге-погружении «Эффективные продажи».

<strong>Ирина, менеджер:</strong>

На тренинге «Эффективные продажи» я приобрела новый опыт, получила новые знания, которые необходимы мне в работе и в дальнейшем развитии. Татьяна Анатольевна и Ангелина Петровна отличные тренера, было очень интересно заниматься, группа просто замечательная. От тренинга у меня остались самые лучшие воспоминания.

<strong> Алексей, тренер:</strong>

Тренинг был интересный, понравился профессиональный подход Ангелины Рождественской и Татьяны Кинцель. Я впечатленен большой работой проделанной тренерами, легкой и понятной подачей сложного материала.

<strong>Татьяна, преподаватель :</strong>

На тренинге «Эффективные продажи», я получила новые, интересные знания. В доступной форме рассказали о том, что такое продажи, уделялось много времени не только теоретическим знаниям, а что самое важное практическому применению полученных знаний. Спасибо большое! Было приятно работать!

<strong>Наталья, предприниматель:</strong>

Спасибо большое за тренинг! Благодаря профессионализму Ангелины Петровны и Татьяны Анатольевны, которые в легкой и доступной форме изложили сложные вопросы по тому как сделать продажи эффективными, вся полученная информация воспринималась легко. Понравилась логическая связь между теорией, игрой и примерами из реальной жизни.

<strong>Татьяна, менеджер по работе с клиентами:</strong>

На данном тренинге мне понравился индивидуальный подход к каждому. Сильное впечатление произвели наши тренеры Ангелина Рождественская и Татьяна Кинцель, благодаря спокойному, деловому подходу. Хотелось бы продолжить занятия, чтобы узнать больше новых эффективных стратегий в продажах.

<h1>Как вернуть женственность?</h1>
<a href=http://www.angelina-harmony.com/?attachment_id=51 rel=attachment wp-att-51><img class= title=Как вернуть женственность? src=http://www.angelina-harmony.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/IMG_02_sm31.png alt=Как вернуть женственность? width=200 height=190></a> freewindows10download.com

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